How Do You Celebrate Groundhog's Day?


Writing Outside the Norm with January Gill O'Neil

Can I say again how thrilled I am to be teaching with January Gill O'Neil from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday, February 5th. Yes! It's a Poets on the Coast tradition to come together on the Saturday closest to Groundhog's Day for a day of writing and community. For years, we did this in downtown Seattle, one year we went to the Two Sylvias' Offices in Kingston, and now we are coast to coast on Zoom! January and I have been friends for over a decade but this is the first class we will have ever taught together.

I also want to give a shout out to the incredible artist and all around amazing person who created this poster, Angelia Miranda. Angelia is a multi-talented poet, graphic designer, and in-line skater! (and these are just her side hustles.) Thank you, Angelia for being an integral part of the Poets on the Coast team.


For a poem to feel alive, to feel worth the time we spend crafting it, risk is necessary in shape, subject matter, and language. But to bring risk into our work we must write from beyond the periphery. In this workshop, we will investigate ways to write outside the norm using a wide variety of new prompts including collage, form, braiding and pojacks.

Included in the day will be a new poem packet with work from Ellen Bass, Jericho Brown, Warsan Shire, and several other poets who use nons forms to their own end.  You will leave the workshop with 6-8 new starts, but more importantly, you will leave with a toolbox of new ways to approach your own work. 


"I always love "Generating New Poems," for both the prompts and the energy of the poems being born before my eyes."
                  ~ Debby Bacharach, author of Shake and Tremor, Grayson Books.

"Your workshop, "Generating New Poems," encouraged me to think about poetry differently."
                              ~ Wanda Herndon, poet

To sign-up to join us, for more information or to register click here. Registration closes on Ground Hog Day!