Sign-up Now to Participate in The Big Poetry Giveaway 2013

Celebrate Poetry by Giving It Away and by Receiving New Books

This year Kelli Russell Agodon has invited me to guest curate the Big Poetry Giveaway.  I am honored to be announcing the fourth year of this creative project which aims to put poetry books into the hands of poetry lovers and poetry lovers-to-be.

National Poetry Month is around the corner and for those of us who love poetry, poets, and their books, it's time for us to share our favorite books (and our own books) with you.

Anyone with a blog can giveaway 2 books of poems. Anyone with an email address can enter any or all of the giveaways. Yes, poetry is that easy! You can give it away and you can also sign-up to receive it! You don't need a blog to participate, you just need to visit different participating blogs.


Bloggers give away 2 books of poems-- the first can be your own & the second book must be of another favorite poet of yours.

The goal is to share our favorite poets with others as well as to visit different blogs and see who others are reading. There is also a benefit for those who participate as it will bring people to your blog and share your work and/or the work of a favorite poet with them.

I'll keep a list of all the blogs participating on this post and to the left side of my blog.

If you're interested in participating here are the GIVEAWAY GUIDELINES--

The Poetry Book Giveaway is officially started and the giveaway will run through April 30th (all of National Poetry Month). The earlier you contact me, the closer you name is to the top of the list!

If you want to have your blog be part of this giveaway, here's what you need to do by APRIL 10, 2013 --

1) Create a blog post that includes the above image (so we know you're participating) that announces the two poetry books you are giving away.

(You are welcome to include a little note about yourself, your own book you're giving away (if you have one) and the poetry book(s) you choose and why you love them. Also, feel free to share a few other blogs you read and if you'd like, something about your writing process, where you write, or what you're working on.)

Somewhere in your blog post, you can include a link to this page, in case others have questions or want to participate. I will keep a running list on the side of my blog as well as on this post (note: the side list will be the most up-to-date, I'll update this list every few days).

2) Once you have your blog post up, leave me a comment below with --

a) the name of your blog
b) your full name
c) a link to your giveaway blog post

I will be keeping a complete list of bloggers who will be giving away poetry books for National Poetry Month and will add you to it. (I'll update this page every few days with the complete list.)

Then sometime in the week of May 1st, 2013, choose 2 winners for your giveaway.

--You can do this buy putting everyone's name who commented on the giveaway in a bowl and choosing one. Or you can use the random number generator and then count down the comments until you get to the winner. (Make sure to email them so they know they won...)

**** If you are participating in this giveaway, you must be willing to mail 2 separate books of poems to ANYWHERE in the world. You pay for the postage, the winner DOES NOT.

Questions you may still have about the giveaway--

1) Can I enter the drawing if I don't participate in the giveaway?
Yes, the drawings are open to anyone.

2) Can I enter the drawings if I am a blogger giving away two books?
Yes, again, the drawings are open to anyone.

3) Can the two books I give away both by written by me?
No. One book in your giveaway must be by another poet, specifically one of your favorite poets.

4) Can I give away two books that I wrote and one book from someone else?
Yes! You can give away as many of your own books as you like as long as you make sure to give away a book by someone else. You are also welcome to give away a subscription to a favorite literary journal as an extra prize if you like, but again, you cover the cost.

5) I'm not a blogger, but can I participate?
No & Yes. You cannot participate in giving away 2 books of poems, but you can enter to win books in the giveaways.

6) Do the books I give away have to be new?
No. But only give away gently-used books. They should look newish (and smell newish).

7) I'm not a poet, but I love poetry can I participate in the giveaway?
Yes! Just give away books by two of your favorite poets.

8) I'm a poet, but only have a chapbook, does that count as a book?
Yes! Chapbooks are books! Feel free to give away your chapbook and then another collection by a favorite poet.

9) I don't want to pay postage if someone wins. Can I still participate?
No. You must be willing to mail the books to the winner anywhere in the world at your cost. That's what makes it a giveaway (not a pay-me-for-postage-to-send-you-your-winning-book-away.)

10) Do I need to have a blog to enter for the drawings?
This is completely up to the blogger who hosts the drawing you sign up for. When I did it for last year, I allowed readers without blogs to sign up but only if they include their email so I could get ahold of them if they won.

11) If I don't have a blog and I sign up for a drawing, how will the blogger contact me?
Make sure to leave your name and email address!

12) How long will you be accepting posts/links for the giveaway?
All emails with your blog name, your full name & a link to your blog giveaway MUST be emailed to me by midnight PST, April 10, 2013, if you want to participate.

13) What are the exact dates of this giveaway?
The giveaway begins immediately. And you can enter someone's contest as SOON as a blogger posts their giveaway.

The giveaway ends April 30th, 2013 at midnight (PST or Hawaii-time, not sooner).

The winners will be chosen the week of May 1st, depending on the blogger's schedule.

14) How will I know if I've won?
A blogger will contact you probably by email to let you know and will then ask for your mailing address to mail the book out to you.

15) Where's THE LIST of all the blogs giving away books of poems?
On the left side of this blog.
16) This is becoming an annual thing, why do you do this each year?

Because we want to introduce people to poets they may not have heard of.
Because we want more people to read poetry.
Because we love the idea of poetry books being mailed off to new readers.
Because we like learning about new blogs and bloggers.
Because it's National Poetry Month and we want to bring more attention to poets and poetry.


  1. I'm in!

    Kelli Russell Agodon
    Book of Kells

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you're first! Poetic justice :-)

  3. I'm there!

    Amber Decker
    Rough Verse

  4. We're up and running.

    Erin Coughlin Hollowell
    Being Poetry

  5. I am all posted and ready to go.

    Donna Vorreyer
    Put Words Together; Make Meaning.

  6. Hi Susan--
    Thanks for coordinating this!

    Marjorie Manwaring
    Ovenbirds & Grecian Urns
    Link to Giveaway Blog Post:

  7. I'm in.
    Gillnet Dreams,
    Patrick Dixon,

  8. Thanks Kelli & Susan--had great fun with this
    last year--I'm in!

    1. Amy, can you leave me your link and the name of your blog so I can add you? Many thanks!!

    2. Sorry, Susan!

      Amy Dryansky
      Pokey Mama: Poet. Mother. Worker.

    3. Amy,

      Let me know when you actually post your Big Poetry Giveaway and I will link to that specific post! You've still got some time.

    4. It's up! Same link:

  9. Susan - Thanks for doing this!

    I have my blog post up, and am ready to participate!

    Name of my blog: Scattered Showers in a Clear Sky

    My full name: Anne Higgins

    Link to my blog post:

    1. Dear Anne,

      You are most welcome! Your blog is now listed on the blog roll to the left of this post! Enjoy!

  10. Hi Susan, thanks for doing this!

    Name of blog: Moira Richards @ Red Room

    Full name: Moira Richards

    Link to giveaway blog post:

  11. Hello. Happy the Giveaway continues.
    Margo Roby
    Margo Roby: Wordgathering

  12. I am participating again this year.
    Jessie Carty
    blog titled: Jessie Carty

    Thanks for hosting this year!

  13. I am in! Glad to see this is moving forward. :)

    Joseph Harker
    Blog title: Naming Constellations

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  15. Cool! Thanks for doing this.
    Lesley Wheeler
    The Cave, The Hive

  16. Thanks for organizing this year, Susan! I'm up:

    A View from the Potholes
    Marie Gauthier

  17. Home Again
    Diane Kendig

  18. Poetry from the soul to the page.
    D.L. Lang

  19. WHAT? How am I not entered here. Please let me in! : )
    And thanks for hosting the giveaway, too!

  20. Here is my post

    Two books of poems from New Zealand on offer!

  21. Susan, please sign me up to participate in the Giveaway!!:

    Wait! I Have a Blog?!
    Kathleen Kirk

  22. We are in!

    The Sundress Blog
    Sundress Publications

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  24. I'm in too. Here is my blog:

    Thanks for doing this Susan!

  25. Susan, thanks for doing this.

    Blog name: Poe-Query
    My name: Joannie Stangeland

  26. Hi your beautiful blog site.
    Thanks for curating this fun event. I blog at where I rant on about love, sex and relationships, and throw in a poem each post, just for good measure.
    The link to my 'giveaway" post is

    Tracey Korsten

  27. Might try that link again!!
    That's better!!
    Tracey Korsten

  28. I am in too! Here is my data:

    A Poem A Day in April 2013
    Raymond D. Maxwell

  29. Excited about this!

    My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors
    Rena Rossner

  30. Sounds very fun!

    My info:
    I, Mosaic
    Rodney Wilder

  31. Hi Susan,
    Wow!!! Lots of bloggers this year!
    Here's my info:
    My name: Carol Berg
    My Blog: Ophelia Unraveling
    My Link:

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  32. I'm in! So excited!!


  33. Hi Susan,

    I have just posted my book choices.
    Name: Karen J Weyant
    Blog Name: The Scrapper Poet

    Thanks for hosting!

  34. This is awesome--I'm so excited!
    David Ance

  35. Hi Susan, thanks for doing this:

    Reb Livingston (both my name and name of blog)

    1. You're in! Thanks for playing and doing a giveaway.

    2. I would love to win and read your poetry. This is a great idea!

  36. Hi - glad to be joining in the fun.
    Sweetly Disturbed with Sophia Kartsonis and Kathrine Wright

  37. Melissa Hyatte
    The Zennis Project
    Yay Poetry!

  38. I'm in!

    Tawnysha Greene
    On Writing

  39. Hi My friend, This is fun! Thanks for all your work in pulling it together.

    Name of Blog: Twisted Sister
    Patty Kinney


  40. Hi, Susan! I'm in:

    a) Blog name: Books & Baubles
    b) My name: Amanda Auchter
    c) Link to giveaway blog post:

    Thanks for this! How exciting :)

  41. Hi, Susan- Maybe this will work? My blog is Blog (Book Giveaway)- part of

    I sure hope this works. Thanks for your continued patience!

  42. Count me in as well:

    Blog: Alexandria Poet
    Name: Mary McElveen
    Link to blog:

  43. I'm in!

    Gabriel Gadfly

  44. Hi--

    I so love this giveaway month! :) Thanks again:

    A)Random Magic
    B)Bridget Kelley-Lossada

  45. It's up--same link:

  46. I know I'm a bit slow but I'd love to be part of it too. What a brilliant idea.

    Blog: Written in Ochre
    name: Deb Wain

  47. Hello

    my blog is Roomthily
    the link is

    The link to the giveaway post is

    My full name is Jennifer LaVoie

  48. hi!

    my blog is:

    my heart's love songs

    the link to my "BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY" post is:

    my full name is dani harris

  49. I'd love to play!

    Cats Pajamas
    Katrina Roberts

  50. I would like to enter! And may even eventually get the blog post up on my new site!

    1. Jeannine, wrong posting for giveaway! Right posting for you to leave your blog info!

  51. I'm in! Wendy Call's Many Words for Welcome. Here's the post link:

    Thank so much for all your work on this, Susan!

  52. Hi Susan,
    I just entered the info on my blog for Writing It Real here:

    I also put it earlier on my Writing It Real fan page on Facebook.

    Hope I'm in time for this wonderful event!


    1. Hi Sheila - one question - do you have to subscribe to your writer's group to participate on the above link? Thanks - Alexandra

  53. Dear Susan,

    My blog, Blue Positive, is now an official Poetry Giveaway participant! Thanks for organizing:


    Martha Silano

  54. i'd give away my books but no one wants them:

  55. Take that, Deadline!

    Battered Hive

    Shawnte Orion

  56. Thanks for hosting Poetry Giveaway, Kelli!

    My blog: How to Mend
    Nancy Lou Canyon

  57. Jeannine Hall Gailey
    Jeannine Blogs

  58. argh: it must not have loaded or something. Here I am again.

    Katharine Whitcomb

    My blog is Poetry Is Cool.

    xo kw

  59. I may be late, but I'm enthusiastic!

    Kelly Davio

  60. Here you go, Susan! One Canadian poet!

    Kim Fahner
    The Republic of Poetry


  61. Susan: Please sign me up for your book giveaway! If I happen to be lucky enough to be an honored winner this year, I will write a review and promote your book through the Vermont Poetry Newsletter (& Poetry Event Calendar), which now receives over 1M hits/year. I'll be crossing my fingers and hope to soon find your book in my personal poetry library! Ron Lewis, VPN Editor (


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