Sneak Preview: Remedios Varo ~ My Newest Crush in the World of Women Artists

Explorations of the Oronoco

Remedios Varo (1908-1963) was a 20th century painter who defies categorization. Her work is influenced by alchemists, other painters,  philosophers, psychologists, surrealists and for lack of a better term, free thinkers., Along with the painter, Leonora Carrrington, and the photographer, Kati Horna, Varo formed a triad of women artists whose friendship is documented and illustrated in the book, Surreal Friends. The fact that these artists are not better known in North America, amazes me. Varos has been recently described as a "post modern surrealist," and I strongly suspect we will hear more about these artists in the next decade. In Mexico and in Europe they are better known, but as with many things we in the US seem to be the last to understand.

The Star Maker


  1. Hello Jan,

    I agree! Here's hoping that Varo receives the recognition she deserves in 2017. Happy Holidays to you!


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