Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year Means Happy Poets on the Coast Lowest Price!

You Don't Have To Be Alone All of the Time

This is Alexandra David-Neel, a Belgian-French writer, explorer, spiritualist and some thought, anarchist. She was best known for visiting Tibet in 1921 when it was forbidden to foreigners.  Disguised as a man, of course.

What does she have to do with Poets on the Coast: A Weekend Writing Retreat for Women? The women who come to Poets on the Coast, September 8th - 10th, this year, are explorers, creative, poets at all points in their careers ---- from beginners to advanced. This weekend may be one woman's first time calling herself a poet and another poet's return visit with several books to her name. 

No matter where you are in your poetic practice, this weekend co-directed by Keli Russell Agodon (poet and publisher) and me is filled with writing workshops, optional poets yoga, walking the river path, visiting the Museum of Northwest Art, or simply connecting with other women writers is certain to inspire you.

You will return home with the starts of many poems, new poetry gifts (both literal and metaphorical), and a possible publication on the Museum of Northwest Art (MONA) website.

Now in our 7th year, we have Elizabeth Austen joining us for a workshop on Saturday afternoon. She will also be taking some one-on-one conferences --- a favorite part of the conference for many --- and included in the registration price. We accept poets on a first come basis and we are already halfway to our maximum number of women!

To read our Frequently Asked Questions and find out more details about La Conner, WA (an easy 90 minute van ride from the airport) please click here. 

Each year we have had a near perfect mix of returning poets and new poets. It keeps the group new and established all at once. Poets ranged in age last year from 21 to 80. Whatever age you are and wherever you are on your poetic path --- we would love to have you join us.

Registration fees go up on January 3rd. Register now by check or PayPal for the best prices we offer. Happy New Year! 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Sneak Preview: Remedios Varo ~ My Newest Crush in the World of Women Artists

Explorations of the Oronoco

Remedios Varo (1908-1963) was a 20th century painter who defies categorization. Her work is influenced by alchemists, other painters,  philosophers, psychologists, surrealists and for lack of a better term, free thinkers., Along with the painter, Leonora Carrrington, and the photographer, Kati Horna, Varo formed a triad of women artists whose friendship is documented and illustrated in the book, Surreal Friends. The fact that these artists are not better known in North America, amazes me. Varos has been recently described as a "post modern surrealist," and I strongly suspect we will hear more about these artists in the next decade. In Mexico and in Europe they are better known, but as with many things we in the US seem to be the last to understand.

The Star Maker

Saturday, December 17, 2016

My Mother Returns from the Dead to Appear on Oprah

Thank you 101 times to the Mom Egg Review for publishing my poem, "My Mother Returns from the Dead to Appear on Oprah." Somehow I don't think she would be very amused. Well maybe a little bit about the dromedary.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Significant Women of the Sound --- Kelsey Par

This is the part of the world where I live

Last spring, a new student arrived in my Film Studies 105 class at Highline College whose writing stood out due to its sophisticated analysis of film theory and related life experience. Before I could connect the woman with the work, I knew the writer was exceptional. Slowly, I've enjoyed coming to know the woman behind the words: Kelsey Par.

Now jump forward six months and Kelsey has transformed from a quiet front row student to a news editor of the college paper, writing consultant at the writing center, and first prize winner in the Highline Film Festival. For now, I think she's found her stride in both creative and practical endeavors. Today Kelsey launches Significant Women of the Sound. The Puget Sound is where we are lucky enough to live (see image above). 

I volunteered to be Kelsey's first subject but I look forward to all the women of the Sound to come. Here's to Kelsey ---- a most significant Woman of the Sound!

"As an undergraduate, I didn't really see the point of investing in my education. How was Botany going to help me become a writer? It's ironic that in order to graduate from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst on-time, I needed to do the Honors Program. Honors meant I could skip taking Mathematics and a few other college requirements. I kept my grades up simply because I wanted to graduate early. Five years later, when I decided to apply to ....

To read the rest of my college dropout story, go to Significant Women of the Sound by Kelsey Par