New Year's Resolutions Gone Awry with J.W. Marshall and Christine Deavel

I live on an isthmus west of downtown Seattle. In the summer there is beach volleyball and pirates landing their boats along the shore. In December, the Christmas Ships make a dramatic appearance. I love the quirkiness of my neighborhood: a record store, a Log Cabin Museum, and numerous characters who promenade along the beach with an assortment of dogs, parrots, and even a few cats.

What we didn't have until last year was a literary series. After living here for over a decade, it seemed time to take matters into our own hands. Along with Katy E. Ellis and Harold Taw, I co-founded WordsWest Literary Programs. Since then we have hosted events with a MacArthur Genius Grant recipient, an NPR radio journalist, Washington State's Poet Laureate  and many other talented writers. In fact, we've been blown away by the diversity of talent we've hosted at the coolest coffee house in West Seattle.

7:00 pm this Wednesday night promises to be another magical evening with the themed reading of, Resolutions Gone Awry with Christine Deavel and J.W. Marshall. Christine and John are famous in Seattle and far beyond our city limits for their poems, their huge hearts and their fabulous book emporium: Open Books: A Poem Emporium.

For more information on these amazingly talented poets who also happen to be married to one another please check out: WordsWest Literary. 

See you Wednesday for poetry, snacks, and more!


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