Call For Submissions: Poems for The Human

The Invisible Man's Revenge
For a special issue of The Human journal we are looking for poems that explore the diversity of masculinity especially as seen in cinema or from a cinematic (strikingly visual) point of view.

The June 2016 issue will be devoted to the performance of masculinities in all of its diverse forms. What denotes the man in woman? How do we see the new masculinities across various continents? Comical or corrupted, human or more feral --- we want to read your work. Poems especially of interest from the LGBTQQ communities but everyone of any gender is welcome!

Unpublished poems that are related to the theme of this special issue – masculinities – should be submitted to the attention of our poetry editor Susan Rich at Please send no more than three poems in one document.

Reading poems on a rolling basis so the sooner you send the better your chances will be. Look forward to reading your work! Please, no more than three unpublished poems.


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