Katie Woodzick Interviews Me at the House of Sky

Sweet Peas from the House of Sky's garden
              An old postcard of Russian poet Anna Akhmatova appears in the left foreground of the frame, just in front of a souvenir print of a trip to the Aran Islands. Yet, these days, I seem pretty content in my own backyard --- in a converted garage-now-writing studio called House of Sky. (My friend Kelli Russell Agodon writes in her backyard at House of Sea.) This past weekend, Katie Woodzick, podcast host extraordinaire (and actor, director, poet) came out to West Seattle to interview me in my natural habitat. Feel free to listen as you cook dinner or pet your cat. Great background sound. You can listen here.

           Some of the things we talk about include:

          Kelli Russell Agodon as Harriet the Spy
          Poetry as a lover
          United States Peace Corps
          Poets on the Coast
          House of Sky (how to build a writing studio)
          South Africa
          The Improbable Places Poetry + 1 Tour
          Madeline DeFrees
          My third grade teacher, Miss Schiavo
          My eighth grade teacher, Mr. Katz
          Elizabeth Austen
          Prairie fires
          Linda Pastan
          Robert Lamirande
          Kathleen Flenniken

         Thank you to Katie for being such a great interviewer. Such a pleasure to talk with you.


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