Thursday, June 11, 2015

Announcing the Russell - Rich Scholarship

Open the door to your creative life

Once upon a time, two women had an idea. What if they could create the perfect writing retreat? Of course there would be chocolate and good things to eat; there would also be a profound respect for each and every participant who chose to join us. We'd give gifts to everyone and include a one-on-one session so that each woman had time alone to ask her questions. And somehow, we did it. Through prairie fires and lightening storms, through lots of laughter and growth, we have manifested the retreat weekend we'd dreamed of creating. There is even now an additional day for those who want a longer experience.

This year we are making public something that we've done privately from time to time: we're offering one woman a full scholarship (worth around $400) to join us. Over the years we've seen what a weekend of creative work and community can do for a woman's spirit / sense of self. We'd love to offer this opportunity to you. Here are the details: send three poems along with a paragraph of "Why Poets on the Coast? Why Now? to us by July 3rd. Here are all the details at our website.  If your writing needs a kickstart or the promise of a weekend of poetry sounds delightful, why not write us?

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