International Clouds For Sale --- Really!

Thanks to Laura of Libelle for these clouds over Alki Beach in April 

Yes, it's the clouds of Cloud Pharmacy that I'm referring to here. And it seems so karmically right that my first book to be made into an ebook, thanks to Two Sylvia's Press is titled, Cloud Pharmacy. I'm including the cloud photograph that I originally wanted for my book. Looking at it now, while I am still in love with the image, I think my actual cover represents, in a more nuanced way, the poems themselves.

Photography and Cloud created by Berndnaut Smilde
In the actual cover (for ebook and print book) I think the final image is warmer, brighter, and perhaps even more complex. I love how the leaves on the wallpaper echo the tree just outside the windowpanes. Then there's the blue ceiling, the color of a tropical sky. What I like most is that this seems to be an image inside of another image with several echoes between the two. My hope is that the poems work in the same way: a doubling of ideas. When I was researching images for the book cover I learned that images with dimension drew me in much more than a beautiful painting. In this photograph, "Hannah Road," we see three different dimensions: the wallpaper, the ruined room, and the tree beyond. As a reader, I can't help but be drawn into the pages. I hope you will be too.  Cloud Pharmacy in its cloud format is on sale now for a limited time.  May you enjoy your time in the clouds.

Cloud Pharmacy on sale now for $2.99 


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