Friday, October 31, 2014

Radio Interviews, Writing Fellowships, and More

I love radio. In a parallel universe I am a radio interviewer bringing poets, artists, and science writers onto my show. I think this would have been a wonderful fit for my curiosity and interest in intelligent conversation; the intimacy of the one on one conversation made public.

Thursday morning I was interviewed by the talented Mark Lynch for his radio show Inquiry on WICN in Worcester, Massachusetts which aired that night. Mark was kind enough to send me the link to the interview.

He was the best kind of interviewer: one who seems to possess an innate curiosity. He seemed genuinely upset when our time was over and asked me to come back again. We talked of my lifelong desire to be a poet (he thought this was extremely odd) and my drug of choice (less odd): travel. You can listen here. 

In other news: Two Sylvias Press is offering the Russell Prize for poets who have not yet published a first book. Submissions are open now --- and this year --- submissions are free.

Here is a list of fellowships for writers. I'd be happy with a year on Cape Cod or at Princeton. Perhaps it's my three cats but I find myself applying for less and less longterm fellowships. A few times a year, I pack my car with my computer, poetry books, and a travel printer. I go up to a retreat center in Washington State where there are few people and a small herd of deer. This seems to be my pace at the moment.

Happy Halloween! 

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