Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Giving Thanks in Blue ~ Mongolian Style

Watson attempts to claim my surprise gift as his own
Today I received an incredible gift in the mail.

A gold envelope (you know the type) big enough to house a small dog was folded into my mailbox -- the top of it sticking straight out. I love that moment between looking and touching --- knowing that a mysterious package awaits. How awe inspiring that six days a week the mailman visits my door delivering missives from faraway. Okay, sometimes it's electric bills and advertisements, but not today.

Today a beautiful blue scarf, still in its original package arrived. And with it a brief letter which I'll copy (in part) below:

                         The blue scarf was purchased in Mongolia some ten years ago (I have two others ---                           one to wear and one in my studio) and is similar to white ones from Nepal and Tibet.                            When you refer to blue in your poetry, this is the color blue that I see. Enjoy!

This gift from a woman I greatly admire but do not know well.  She is a painter. Several years ago when I first moved to Seattle she was very kind to me. Although she lives far up north on an island, she comes to town for each of my book launches.

And now this is the color blue I see in my Cloud Pharmacy as well -- although the color in my mind might be slightly lighter, or darker. This scarf comes as close as any real color can.

Along with the scarf were very kind words about what this recent book of poems meant to her. Most of all I was touched that she took the time to write me, to collect the scarf, padded envelope and stamps. How often do I think about writing someone whose work moves me, how often I fail to finish the task.

This scarf will go out with me in the morning to my writing studio. A reminder of Diane's generosity and spirit. Send someone a surprise that let's them know their work matters. I know I am planning to.