Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some Cool Things: Ebooks, Marge Piercy, Travel, and Life -- UPDATED!

Would she have preferred an ebook?

Thanks to the wonderful women of Two Sylvias Press for bringing Cloud Pharmacy into the 21st century. Right now, thanks to Kelli Agodon and Annette Spaulding-Convy, you can preview my book on Amazon and even get a free read of the book via ebook when you buy a hard copy on Amazon.  This is not an advertisement for Amazon, it is merely the only place where you can buy both the physical book and read the ebook for one price. 

I am wondering why you would want a physical and an electronic copy? And I think I know. One copy to keep on a bedside table (physical) and one to take on long trips (electronic). I also see that that electronic copies reach customers immediately, no waiting two days for something you want now.

Indeed it's a strange new world.

And speaking of travel. I will be on book tour reading at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, Mass; at Jabberwocky Books in Newburyport, Mass for the Tannery Series; and with Marge Piercy and Oliver de la Paz at the Mass Poetry Festival.

Finally, this seems a time of life to think about what is really important. Is it reading to new audiences or writing new poems? Is it new travels or replenishing the garden? A new book in the world somehow works to make life's questions more pressing --- or perhaps it's just middle life.

Updated information - If you purchase Cloud Pharmacy here, the Kindle version is only $2.99

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