Saturday, March 8, 2014

Free copies of Cloud Pharmacy, Happy Women's Day and New Review

Right now you can enter the GoodReads giveaway for a copy of Cloud Pharmacy that White Pine Press has going on. Even if you have a copy, why not enter and give one to a friend? There's no mailing list involved and no fuss -- although you may need a (free) GoodReads account. Five copies will be sent out to five poetry lovers --- this means your chances are excellent. Just click here to be taken to the page.

Perhaps you don't think you are in immediate need of a book of poems? Perhaps, like me, your house is overflowing with books --- that there are always more books available than snacks to eat or clean socks to wear. And yes, Cloud Pharmacy does have a pretty cover, but what's inside?

Today my publisher sent on a wonderful review from a man in Albuquerque who has been driving through his city reading my book and Kelli Russell Agodon's book, Hourglass Museum, during traffic jams. I love the diverse ways we bring poetry into our lives. George Ovitt's blog, a talented reader is one I will add to my list. He is indeed a talented reader of my poems and there's nothing that feels better than knowing my words have been understood by someone whom I've never met. He also provides the full text to "Abstract" one of my favorite poems in the book written at Anam Cara, in the West of Ireland. Enjoy!

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