Tuesday, December 17, 2013

10 Best Poetry Magazines in Ireland --- Time to Send Out Your Work

Eyeries, West Cork

Here is one man's pick of the ten best poetry magazines in Ireland including Poetry Ireland and The Moth -- two of my favorite. I love sending my poems to different corners of the globe and Ireland holds an especially dear place in my poetry life. Many years ago I was invited to read at the Cuirt Literary Festival in Galway and more recently I taught a week long workshop at the Anam Cara Artist's Residency. Irish taxi drivers recite Patrick Kavanagh and even in the Ayran Islands baristas know world politics. If I were to live anywhere other than Seattle, WA it would be Ireland. Here are the magazines I send to just to open the doorway to that 'one day' other life.


  1. awesome, let's get a list like this from all sorts of globey places! Is globey a word? Let's go with it!

  2. Thank you for sharing this list! I'm definitely going to save it and send some stuff out. :)

  3. Matt and Andrea you are both so welcome. I have ideas about journals in South Africa and Turkey; stay tuned!