Did you hear the one about four poets who walked into a bar ...

1408 East Pine Street Capitol Hill
Tomorrow night, Thursday, October 24th, as part of Lit Crawl Seattle, four poets will walk into this bar and start slinging words at precisely 6:00 PM. And what happens after that is anybody's guess.

The theme for the night is Love, Addiction and Owls. The poets include Rebecca Hoogs, John Duvernoy, Karen Finneyfrock, and me. The schedule for Lit Crawl is vast and wide moving all the way to Babe Land, Richard Hugo House, Town Hall, and Photo Northwest.

True confession: I've never read in a bar before. I've read in coffee houses, art museums, and even one Irish mountain top but this will be my first bar. Perhaps I've finally come of age.

If you are in the Seattle area and over 21, please join us!


  1. I missed this, but glad you finally read in a bar! That's its own experience, unquestionably.

  2. Thanks, T! I will have to make it down to "your" bar one of these Monday nights. Perhaps once Cloud Pharmacy comes out I'll make it out for a second bar night!


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