Summer Garden - August Love

Bells planted from 4" pots
This is the time of summer I love, the lazy days when all the work you did in June becomes evident in the fountains of flowers you have to admire. This was my year of the garden -- new beds planted, a giant vegetable garden (giant for a city back yard) and a small stone patio. Instead of travel, I planted my money in the earth around me.

Sun Gold and Sun Kissed varieties
The only downside is that I seem to be spending more time with my tomato plants than with my poems. In the Northwest when the weather is this stellar, it's crazy to be inside. Of course I could be writing outside. For now I'm harvesting tomato plants and making sauce.

The House of Sky exterior shot
I could happily spend my life right here. This is the spot where I finished my most recent read through of Cloud Pharmacy before sending it off to the publisher. For me, gardening and writing are the perfect combination plate.


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