15 - The Magic Number

It's been almost four years since I began The Alchemist's Kitchen and admitted to my friend Stephanie Delaney that blogging was here to stay.

I thought it so odd that anyone would want to write a public journal -- a self-portrait with an audience. And yet here I am. I do keep a paper journal as well which is just for my eyes but this blog has become important to me --- a place to write if only for a brief pause in the busyness of a day.

And from the beginning I had a goal of 500 or more readers. It seemed like a good number. Now I am, you guessed it, 15 people away from having 500 people who've signed up for my blog. I know, I know. Not all 500 people necessarily read it, but there's the idea that they're out there cheering me on.

So here it is. I'm asking for 15 generous souls to come forward and sign up to get these postings via blogger or facebook or gmail. All option are here to the right of this posting, just scroll down and choose what works for you.

With an audience of 500 and beyond --- anything seems possible.


  1. Been reading you via facebook so just subscribed by email. Wouldn't want to miss one!

  2. Thanks so much, Deb;

    working on Poets on the Coast today -- it's going to be great to see everyone -- especially your smiling face.

  3. I read you via Goodreads and always look forward to your posts! Here's to many more,and I am looking forward to Cloud Pharmacy! You are a true inspiration.

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I so appreciate your generous words.


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