Summer in the House of Sky

Sweet Peas from the new raised beds
I love summer. I love the heat, the planting, the harvesting; even the weeding can be a meditation. It always takes me a few weeks to transition from super crazed life to something more of my own making. Instead of grading papers, I can clean the refrigerator of science experiments; I can say hello to the cats.

Don't get me wrong. I am still overwhelmed by the work I need to do. I have a book contract with a firm deadline of August (gulp) 1st, a Poets on the Coast writing retreat to plan, and some projects for school. This is not a summer of bon bons and brie. And yet, I can feel the hectic life fall away. As many projects as I am working on, I can do most of them in my pajamas. It is a lovely antidote to the car commute, the meetings, the teachings of the academic year. There is time to breathe.

My wish for this summer is for the tomatoes to ripen early, the basil to survive the slugs, and the opportunity for a few good hikes and swims. Simple pleasures is the theme this season. No international travel, no big trips; I'm here in the northwest desiring only to get reacquainted with my life.

Although I'm a day early for Thankful Thursday, this is the theme for me. I've been lucky and I've created a good life for myself; I'm thankful to be alive in the here and the now.


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