Almost there, Cloud Pharmacy due this Wednesday!

I am down to the last few days of my time with Cloud Pharmacy. As the date draws closer, I realize I am not ready to let this manuscript into the world. It feels far more personal than the books that have come before. And with three days left, I am now stressing about its bookness.

For the most part I like the poems okay and the section titles were fun to create. However,  I believe that the book needs to be far more than a collection of individual poems in the way a building is important beyond its windows and wooden (or steel) beams. A corner cabinet is not just  a carving of cherry wood. The artistry is in the air around the poems,  it is the movement of last line of one poem and the way it talks to the beginning of another piece.

There's much to say on this subject that no one ever teaches, that until the late 20th century was in the hands of publishers, not poets -- but it will have to wait three more days...


  1. Congratulations on the "bookness" becoming, Susan. I'm eager to read your more personal poems.


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