Almost Summer and Things to Look At!

Photographer: Matthew Christopher

A bit small here, but you get the idea. I'm looking at images and have one in mind, but would love to get a sense of what others think. I've been looking and looking at images.

This is a newer image by the painter Nicola Slattery whose work I first saw in West Cork last summer. This is very different than what I've been looking at.

Another painting by Nicola Slattery, with a great big tip to Chagall's The Bride.

Another photograph by Matthew Christopher of the Abandoned America project. This was taken at a TB asylum in Taunton, Massachusetts, not too far from where I grew up. Which piece of art grabs you the most? Which would you choose for a book of poems called CLOUD PHARMACY? I have one in mind but love the idea of receiving more input. Many thanks.


  1. Casting my vote for the asylum!

  2. I like both #3 and #4--very different, but I think both could work!

  3. Thanks, Anne; I love the movement here. Good to have options!

  4. I love the asylum picture. In addition to the Mass. connection, I love the lighting. It feels like clouds are being made behind those windows. There is also something whimsical about the tip to Chagall's The Bride.... almost like you are in the cloud - and it is brewing something up.


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