And the Top Three Winners Are ...

This year my three winners are:

Susan Gilbert

Michael "Stick Poet"

Midge Raymond

As soon as I receive mailing addresses, I will send off your prizes. Thank you so much to everyone who participated.

Did you know that May was short story month? Let's see if they're as generous and creative as the poets!


  1. Thanks again for hosting this giveaway, Susan!

    I enjoyed all the comments from those who put their names in my hat!

    My two winners are Renee Emerson and Suki Poet.


  2. I'm here to thank our host too! This was fun Susan. At my blog, Margo Roby won Sandy Diamond's Miss Coffin and Mrs. Blood; and Rod Wilder won Billy Collins' The Apple that Astonished Paris.
    Best, Deb

  3. Thanks Deborah and Anne,

    So glad you had fun. I'm off to the post office to mail my winners today!
    Deborah, hope to see you in June for the "Generating New Poems" -- hopefully with no computer mishap this time!


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