Today is the Final Day to Send in Your Blog Posting for the Big Poetry Giveaway

50 bloggers from New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States have already joined in our third year of the Big Poetry Giveaway. We'd love to have you join, too.

I've been surprised that only 50 generous bloggers have joined us. I somehow thought that everyone who loved poetry and had a blog would be into this celebration.

Maybe you've just been waiting for the very last minute? Martha Silano joined today --- you can, too!

Here is the link for adding your blog post!

The Big Poetry Giveaway

And if you want a chance to win poetry books --- well you're in luck because the bloggers are not doing their drawings until May 1st. Come play!


  1. i think its because its so difficult to operate with google and gmail- I keep trying to post comments and wordpress or gmail or google or microsoft won't let me speak. Anyway- I started a blog just so I could participate in the poetry giveaway. I hope you and your followers will go to and follow the blog and comment or whatever. The other day I got all excited when I learned I had 1 follower, only to discover that follower was me. Sigh. The chances for someone to get two books of poetry through my blog are EXCELLENT since there's basically no competition at the moment. In fact, I promise to send a book of poetry to the first 5 people who sign up to follow my blog. How's that for poetic largesse. Thanks for doing this-


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