Thank you to CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action for Publishing "Invention of Everything Else"

Thank you to CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action for publishing a recent poem that will be published in CLOUD PHARMACY next year. I seem to write less and like less of what I write these days; I wonder if it is a sign of aging? However, this is a poem that satisfies me; I can read it without wincing. A strange test but it's one I use frequently. I hope you enjoy.


Once a man offered me his heart like a glass of water

how to accept or decline?

Sometimes all I speak is doubt

delineated by the double lines

of railway tracks; sometimes

I’m an incomplete bridge, crayon red Xs extending

across a world map.

A man offers me his bed like an emergency

exit, a forklift, a raft.

The easy-to-read instructions

sequestered in the arms of his leather jacket.

Sometimes a woman needs

small habits, homegrown salad, good sex.

Instead, she cultivates cats and a cupcake maker,

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Lovely art work from the current CURA

CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action is a multi-media initiative based at Fordham University committed to integrating the arts and social justice. Featuring creative writing, visual art, new media and video in response to current news, we seek to enable an artistic process that is rigorously engaged with the world at the present moment.

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