Poets Across the World Unite: Over 100 Ways to Share the Love

Poetry Lovers of All Ages Unite!

Wow. My heart is filled with appreciation for the 55+ bloggers that have offered books, journals, and full magazine subscriptions to poetry lovers anywhere in the world. Anyone, anywhere, can play.

What can you win?

Brand new books by Catherine Barnett, Erin Hollowell, Kelli Davio Marj Manwaring, and Jeanine Hall Gailey, for five examples.

Or international poetry books from generous bloggers in New Zealand, South Africa, and Canada -- if you want to learn more about international poets.

If you like poetry journals: Crab Creek Review or Los Angeles Review are two you can check out.

Look at the list of 55 poetry lovers (you don't have to be a poet to take part in the giveaway as non-fiction writer, Wendy Call, has demonstrated -- just one example) on the lefthand side of this blogpost. Click on the link to see what you can win.

How can you win?

I'm so glad you asked! All you need to do is leave your name and some way for the blogger to contact you in the comment area of the blog post you want to win. It's true that you may need a gmail account to leave a message on blogger -- but it's free to sign up and many other bloggers use wordpress and other systems. You can also simply email the blogger if you are having trouble posting. Bloggers want you to participate!

There's a catch right? Why would anyone give books away to strangers and promise to mail them anywhere in the world? 

No catch. Your email address will not be sold, mined, shared, or sent to anyone at all. No one is "selling" anything other than a love of poetry. Last year I sent my book to a young man in the Philippines; it makes me happy that my poems can travel to a country I have yet to visit. Sure, I'll spend a few dollars buying a copy of a book I love (and supporting poetry!) and another couple of dollars on postage, but the feeling of sending poetry to a someone you don't know and not expecting anything in return is strangely powerful.

Anything else I need to know?

You don't need a to be a poet to enter; there is no age requirement; no height or weight requirement either. You can go to as many blog sites as you want -- there is no limit. Enter all 55 --- why not? Show your support for poetry. During the first week of May bloggers will contact you if you've won a book.

Oh yes, one thing you could do...

Help us spread the word! If you are a teacher, tell your students; if you are in a poetry group, tell your group members. We want to show that people love poetry and that poets are cool enough to share work they love with the world.


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