Saturday, April 6, 2013

My favorite images of the day: Matteo Massagrande's work

credit: Matteo Massagrande from Padua, Italy
Matteo Massagrande paints interiors of abandoned modern day buildings as if they were palaces. His angles shift and meet in unexpected ways. I've just discovered his work this afternoon. I'm very taken with it but wonder how he feels about poetry? I feel as if I should contact him before I fall in love.

I can imagine any of these as my next cover. And there are still more paintings to discover. Here's an excerpt from a New York Times article on Massagrande and his work. Here's an excerpt:

The artist’s “Interiors” inescapably bring to mind the mysterious stillness and atmospheric lights of some of the great masters of this genre, like Vermeer and Hammershoi, but are nonetheless highly individual.

Part of the secret of Mr. Massagrande’s intriguing interiors is that they are as much invented as real. Both the artist and his wife are connoisseurs of abandoned and derelict buildings. Said Angela Massagrande: “If we see one, we can’t resist going in and taking a look.”

Drawing on such chance visits and personal memories, Mr. Massagrande constructs his images often from quite disparate buildings and locations. So, for example, part of a picture might be inspired by an old apartment block in Budapest, while the garden seen in the watery sunlight glimpsed outside might be somewhere in the Veneto or even his own garden in Padua. “I sometimes feel more like an architect than a painter of pictures,” he said.

Another gorgeous painting by Massagrande


  1. These are stunning -I love that he brings together different areas into one so seamlessly. He must be a poetry fan!

  2. Matteo Massagrande paints as Shakespeare wrote: shamelessly and accurately. There is no judgement in the way he paints his chosen sites but his painting is merciless, and in that mercilessness, great beauty is born.