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Did you see the movie the King's Speech last year?  My favorite part was the wall in the speech therapist's office behind the sofa. The peeling paint and parched colors exposed an entire world. In fact, I think it is a type of abstract art form of which I have long ago lost the exact name.

In any case, here is a wall of shifting clouds, a curtain folded with wonder. There are clocks that have lost their time and a tall glass jar of something partially unseen. Is it too dark for a book cover? Too odd? I'm still looking as you can tell --- still drawn towards something haunting, something blue.


  1. I love this image too, Susan. Particularly the cloudy wall and the curtain and tabletop....the items on the table top don't seem to jibe with your title though. If only we could move them and put a simple mortar and pestle and some chunks of minerals and dried herbs there...and maybe one clock. : ) I really don't think it's too dark once you have text. Really taken by the sense of mystery.

  2. I like this too... what about setting this table with the older pharmacy bottles labeled with the scientific elements that create a cloud instead of the clocks? This would give you the "blue" and the cloud wall/curtain - which is haunting.. and I don't think too dark at all.

  3. Hi, Susan. I have loved looking at all the pictures you've posted. This one is my favorite, though. It is more visually captivating to me. (It's the color.) It made me stop scrolling when I came across it. I had to stop and figure out what it was all about. It looks as if someone was in the middle of some creative experiment and walked away to get another crucial element.

    I can't wait for your book!



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