It's Not Me, It's Blogger Problems ...

Waiting for Blogger to Fix Gadgets

Dear Poetry Lovers,

I am impatiently waiting for blogger to fix the current problem with adding links to their gadget lists. I am working on a work around as well. Meanwhile, if you have left me a comment to add your Big Poetry Giveaway, I am working on finding a fix. Meanwhile, if you are looking for poetry books, you can simply use the list to the left of this message and then go to comment section of this post for more options.  Blogger knows about the problem so I expect a fix is on the way. Sincere thanks for your patience.

Update!!! I've created a blog roll that shows all the most recent Big Poetry Giveaways. This gives you all the most recent participating blogs -- you'll just need to peruse them a bit to get to the Big Poetry Giveaway posting. Enjoy! PS Blogger is still working on the links gadget fix...


  1. I do hope the gadget problems get fixed. I've been trying for months to make updates to links on my sidebar; the save feature never works.

  2. Hi Maureen,

    I know they are aware of the problem. In the meantime, my "fix" is to create a new blog roll for the Giveaway folks. This means we will have a list of everyone participating but for the "More Big Poetry Giveaway" list people will have to read through the blog to find the right posting. It's an opportunity to really check out other blogs more completely. I do hope you are going to participate this year! All best, Susan


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