Berndnaut Smilde - Thank you, Susan Gilbert

Berndnaut Smilde, Dutch Photographer

I believe I have found the one. This is my book cover if the artist will have me. Here's a BBC video on the man who makes clouds...He's an artist from Holland  named Berndnaut Smilde. The video portrays the work as a collective memory - a group of people watch from the edge of the gallery as Smilde forms clouds out of smoke and magic water. Watch it here!


  1. So glad you found Smilde's work. Two of his indoor cloud images appeared in today's New York Times.

    1. He's actually in the Washington Post Style Section today. Here is the link to the article

  2. That must be why his web site is down. Wish I had contacted him yesterday!

  3. Magical! I love this photo. I haven't seen his work before so thanks for link to the video - really quite inspiring.

  4. He said no. Starting all over again...


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