Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick! Before They're Gone -- Free Posters by Jessica Helfand

Designed by Jessica Helfand
If you are a teacher, community worker, or person who has a public space in the world, here is an absolutely free poster for National Poetry Month offered by the Academy of American Poets. Each year I tape the poster to my office door but this year, I'm going to frame it. I love this poster created by Jessica Helfand. Helfand is a graphic designer who seems to have a creative obsession with old scrapbooks. Thank you Jessica Helfand for creating such a gorgeous poster -- the best one yet.

Click on this page and watch the 2 minute video on the right hand side where Helfand narrates the scrap book of Marybelle Harn a music student in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1875. The book includes meticulously kept old wrappers from the chocolates and sweets she favored. "More sustaining than meat" is the slogan of the Hershey's company in the 19th century. Who knew?

My college is planning a month of readings, poetry broadsides, panels, and maybe videos all celebrating poetry in our community and in the world. It's going to be a busy spring!

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