Wednesday, February 13, 2013

International Poets Take Note: The Human Journal is Open

This is just to announce that I'm on the editorial team of a new journal called The Human Journal that is based in Istanbul, Turkey. My friend Mustafa Bal has been the energy behind seeing this beautiful ideal  become a now near reality.

So whether you live in Asia or South America, Australia or Zimbabwe please submit your poems. We are asking for no more than three poems (five pages maximum) sent at one time. Our first issue comes out in June --- don't you want to be part of it?

Part of our manifesto reads as follows:

The Human is a refereed academic journal of humanities, social sciences, and arts, which is dedicated to intellectual discussion of diverse aspects of human experience. 

The Human is an entirely independent journal that has no ties to any associations or institutions, solely prioritizing independent dissemination of qualified knowledge and experience.

Works published in The Human aim to establish, question, analyze, problematize, and discover original methods of thoughts to contribute to solutions of current and deep-rooted human problems in the world.

Works published in The Human also seek after the truthful and the beautiful.

More ideas and information on this soon but for now, you can check out the wonderful web site.

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