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She Loves Me Not, Robert Lamirande, Jack Straw Fellow

Big Mom and Cub

I believe in the grey world of Jack Straw Writer Robert Lamirande. I believe in his quirky style and dry humor which is never gratuitous but leads his readers to a deeper level of connection with his characters -- be they human or animal. Where else will you learn facts about polar bear behavior? Let me be specific: polar bears and their relation to humans.

In view of full disclosure let me mention that I have known Robert for almost ten years, since he first walked into my English 101 classroom. Since that time he has graduated from the University of Washington with a Creative Writing degree, published in several local journals, formed a band (played with more than one group) and started working for Microsoft. Not bad for a recent college graduate in hard economic times.

But for the purposes of listening to this podcast, know that Robert could do radio plays or voice overs if he wanted. His voice is a joy to listen to --- and his words are damn good too. If you have any trouble getting this to load so that you can listen to my brief interview with Robert followed by a brief reading, just click here.

She Loves Me Not

With easy humor and an engaging voice, Robert Lamirande relays the encounters of a young adult in the dating world. Readers feel embarrassed, hopeful, reminiscent, and discouraged as they experience the characters’ travails. Lamirande’s narrative is a breezy look into modern courtship.
Lamirande is a writer and musician whose work has appeared in Flashquake, The Splinter Generation, Bricolage, and several others. He has performed with Seattle bands Randal Cobb and Sound of Bagheera, and his music has appeared in the full-length feature film, The Curse of Duncan Carbuncle. He is currently employed as a writer by Microsoft, for whom he scribes 140 characters at a time.
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