Do You Have a Book of Poems Ready for Publication? It's time for the White Pine Press Competition

Photo Credit: Darren Hester

White Pine Press is my publisher and has been for the last twelve years. That's a long relationship in the poetry world; and I sincerely hope to publish with them for at least another twelve. I know Dennis Maloney, having met him only after the publication of my first book. I believe Dennis has been in this business for over thirty years because he believes in bringing poetry into the world.

Dennis chose my first book The Cartographer's Tongue / Poems of the World when I was just beginning my life as a poet. He took a chance on me. In this age of cynicism I love to tell my students that I had absolutely no connections or fancy awards; I can only assume that Dennis believed in the poems. And so if you have a book of poems that you are hoping to publish, I can wholeheartedly recommend White Pine Press to you. Submit your manuscript, I know it will get the attention it deserves. This was the advice I gave to my friend Kelli Russell Agodon and her book Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room won the White Pine Press Poetry Prize for 2009. You'll never know unless you try!

Here is the information from the White Pine Press website

Manuscripts must be between 60 and 80 pages in length. Poems must be original, but may have appeared in magazines, anthologies, or chapbooks. Translations are not eligible.

Manuscripts must be postmarked by November 30th. They must be typed and should include a table of contents. The author’s name, address, email address, and telephone number should appear on the cover sheet only. Manuscripts will be recycled at the end of the competition. Please include a self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope with your submission if you wish to be notified of the results. 

Manuscripts must include a $20 entry, reading, and processing fee. Checks should be made out to White Pine Press. The manuscript, along with a self-addressed, stamped postcard for notification that it has been received, if so desired, should be sent to: 

White Pine Press Poetry Prize
P.O. Box 236
Buffalo, New York 14201 

If you send the manuscript via express mail services, the manuscript should be sent to: 

White Pine Press Poetry Prize
5783 Pinehurst Court
Lake View, NY 14085 

Manuscripts are screened by the editorial staff, and a poet of national reputation makes the final selection. The name of the final judge is not revealed until the end of the competition. We alternate between a male and a female poet each year as final judge. 


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