Brian Turner , A New Journal (for me) and A New MFA Program Well Worth Checking Out

Thinking about MFA programs in Creative Writing? I know that my time teaching in the Antioch University MFA program taught me a great deal about the merits of low residency MFA programs. Since poet Eloise Klein Healey started the Antioch MFA program more than ten years ago, low residency programs have sprung up all over the United States. One of the newest programs, and perhaps the most interesting is the MFA at Sierra Nevada College directed by the wonderful poet (and human) Brian Turner. Click here to view a short video with Brian.

I asked Brian Turner about the program. Why would someone choose Sierra Nevada College over the other available MFA programs. Here is what he said:

 "In terms of the low-res MFA at Sierra Nevada College...not only does the program hold its residencies in a place of breathtaking beauty (the north shore of Lake Tahoe) but we also offer something that no other program does (as far as I know): our students study with working editors in the field for their entire last semester, honing their thesis manuscript. I wanted our students to experience something like I did when April Ossmann (who was the editor at Alice James Books when Here, Bullet was accepted for publication) worked with me on my own book. So, April graciously agreed to join us up at Lake Tahoe and she's the editor that our poets will work with during their final semester.

We have a warm, friendly atmosphere in our writing community and I'm sure you'll enjoy your time when you come to visit us in the future.
Many thanks for spreading the good word with the writers and lovers of writing that you know--


I also checked out the journal that Sierra Nevada College publishes and it looks like somewhere I would like to publish. You can take a look at the  Sierra Nevada Review right here.

The opportunity to work with an editor from Alice James, study poetry with Brian Turner, and to kayak on my down time seems too good to be true. If you are going to AWP in Boston this spring, this would be a great time to meet with faculty and staff. If you're not going to Boston, you can simply contact the program right now. Here's the link to ask a question or take a look at the admissions process.


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