Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tonight at 6:00 PM - Two Poets At Your Table Perform at Seattle Center

It's a beautiful day in Seattle. Some say we have the bluest skies you've ever seen ...

In celebration of the Seattle Center, built in 1963 for the Seattle Worlds Fair, Unexpected Arts have been going on all summer. I love the idea of poets going outdoors and being part of the pathways and fountains, the actual fabric of our city. Jack Straw Productions --- another Seattle institution --- one that is very dear to me as I've been a Jack Straw Fellow and last year, a Jack Straw Curator for the Writing Program is also celebrating 50 years. Why not collaborate?

Please feel free to join me and poet (and KUOW poetry producer) Elizabeth Austen at 6 pm tonight at Seattle Center in the Poetry Garden which is by Center House -- we'll see you there under the bluest skies.

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