Monday, September 3, 2012

Announcing: The Improbable Places Poetry Tour +1

The Alexis Hotel: First Stop on the Improbable Places Tour
I am fired up and ready to launch The Improbable Places Poetry Tour +1 --- a featured event in this year's Arts Crush month long celebration. "Bedroom Suite" will be the theme of readings by Kelli Russell Agodon, Elizabeth Austen, Harold Taw, and Susan Rich. The concept and title of the tour are inspired by Colleen Michaels who has run The Improbable Places Poetry Tour north of Boston for the past two years. (Read an interview I conducted with Colleen right here.)

The backstory to this event is that I've been looking for a way to begin this tour for the last year or more. So when Harold Taw sent me the Arts Crush announcement looking for featured events -- this seemed the perfect place to launch our tour.

Since Harold Taw is a prose writer, author of Adventures of the Karaoke King, we've added "+1" to the original idea. Each stop on the tour will feature poets as well as a "+1" guest.  Our next venue is still under consideration. If you have an "improbable place" to tell us about --- please comment below.

For now, we'd  love to have you save the date. Be part of the tour at  5 pm. Saturday, October 5th in the Gallery Room at the Alexis Hotel. Admission is free. We'd love to have you be part of this Pacific Northwest launch.

For more information go to the Arts Crush site by clicking here.


  1. I'm happy to hear that things like this are happening. I've read in a few unexpected places and I was always proud to do it, but I love Colleen's enthusiasm and vision.

  2. Thanks, Shawnte;
    Colleen is super inspiring. She actually makes a themed dress or skirt for each venue and her art students often decorate the space. I'm not going to be able to whip out a sewing machine but I hope to make the events fun for the people who come out!