Saturday, August 11, 2012

The best writing retreat ever - such fabulous women

This is one happy group of women on our last day at Anam Cara. Not only did we workshop poems but we walked six miles, drank Guinness at the village pub, gave a poetry reading, saw the oldest Ogham stone in Europe, visited the Hag of Beara and laughed like crazy. I've taught in dozens of different workshops but I have never had a group as wonderful as these women who come from different continents, backgrounds, and poetry worlds.
Photo credit: Angie Vorhies
Exactly one week ago tonight I met these amazing women as the Harrington bus left them off at Anam Cara. They were tired and bedraggled after three hours in a mini van from Cork city. Kim had "monster" her trusty black bag trailing behind her, Pippa seemed ready to get off the bus, and Kathryn looked ready to investigate any open road she could find --- but just as they got out of the van an honest to god rainbow appeared across the road in the direction from which they'd come. It was a good omen. Perhaps it's cliche, but I honestly didn't know that a group could become so close so quickly.

Cemetery at Kilcatherine
Our last day in West Cork the weather finally turned warm and clear. Angie and I were chatting in the village when Sue, Kim, and Pippa came along on their way to Kilcatherine. Sue dropped us off and we walked the 6 miles back to Eyeries. 

A family plot

I don't want to let go of the magic we created this week. 

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