Anam Cara Day #2

Clouds with character

Kelli Agodon, this one's for you

Light from the first night
The days have their own rhythm and it seems we've all lived here together forever. The first night as Pippa, Kim, and Kathryn came off of the local bus and crossed the cow path, their monster suitcases trailing behind them, a rainbow appeared in the sky above their heads. That was the first omen that this workshop would work well. And so far it has. We're reading poems to each other, writing poems, and pushing ourselves in new ways. And yes, there is also an enormous amount of laughter. I feel blessed.


  1. Susan - So happy you are writing about this experience in your blog. I have looked and looked at this retreat over the years and have yearned to go to it.

  2. Hi Anne,

    I hope you find your way here; it's a magical place. Our group is having a marvelous time and I actually believe it would be impossible not to love it here.


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