A Contest Where Everyone is a Winner - Sort Of

My friend Sheila Bender of Writing It Real is running a contest at the moment where everyone is a winner. OK - so how can that be true? Do you enter and walk away with a new car, new home, vacation for two to Tahiti?

Sorry, no.

However, what you do get is a chance to win cash prizes.

Okay, it's not enough for the car, the home, the vacation. But everyone that enters gets a critique from Sheila on what is working in the piece and how to perhaps revise it.

I've taught with Sheila and I know she gives excellent critique in a way that is easy to hear.

Check out this contest now. Deadline is July 30th. Here are the details.
And here is more information on all the cool on-line classes, quotes, and conferences that comprise Writing It Real.


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