Registration Now Open for Speaking Pictures: A Poetry Workshop Concerning Art

The doorway to Anam Cara Writers and Artists Retreat

Anam Cara - in West Cork, Ireland has invited me to teach a week long writing workshop

Here is the overview of what we'll do --- and soon there will be a day by day schedule available.

Speaking in Pictures: A Poetry Workshop Concerning Art

     The question is not what you look at, but what you see.
Henry Thoreau
 Poetry and painting are sister arts according to the Greeks. It’s a natural collaboration to focus on ekphrastic poetry. Ekphrastic poetry simply refers to our poems inspired by visual images. Together, we will discuss traditional and experimental models of the form by Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Hayden, Lisel Mueller and Rainier Maria Rilke; study recent examples by contemporary poets, and sharpen our powers of observation and description. Finally, through a series of provocative exercises, we will write our own poems on a variety of works of art. For the purposes of this workshop, art includes sculpture, collage, architecture and the natural world. All levels of writers are welcome — from beginners to very advanced practitioners. 

“Excellent delivery of info and preparation of materials.  You established such a safe learning environment, which really helped the ability to learn and enjoy the experience.  This was an exceptionally helpful program!”  ~ Cindy S.

   "I truly appreciate what you do to nurture other poets. This is truly one of the best retreats I have been on." Angie V.

 “Thank you for providing this life-changing opportunity.   Your generosity and enthusiastic interest has been such a blessing for me…You have given me a great gift–the courage to say what I am, and more importantly, to *live* what I am– a writer. ”  ~ Kelley H.

          Testimonials (from Poets on the Coast taught with Kelli Agodon)
Susan Rich is the author of three collections of poetry, The Alchemist’s Kitchen (2010) which was named a finalist for The Foreword Prize and the Washington State Book Award, Cures Include Travel (2006), and The Cartographer’s Tongue / Poems of the World (2000) which won the PEN USA Award for Poetry. She has received awards The Times Literary Supplement of London, Peace Corps Writers and the Fulbright Foundation. Her featured appearances include the Cuirt Literary Festival in Galway, Ireland and the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia. Recent poems have been published in the Harvard Review, Poetry Ireland, The Southern Review and the New England Review. Born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts; Susan now makes her home in Seattle, WA.


  1. Hey I'd really love your feedback on my blogs, one is poetry and one is my book blog. I like how honest your posts are, how you get to the point. I am dying for that sort of feedback.

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  2. How perfect for you, Susan! Wonderful. I hope you get many registrants for what promises to be a terrific workshop.

  3. Thanks, Mari -- And if you know anyone who has always wanted to visit Ireland --- this would be a great reason to sign-up. West Cork is pretty magical.


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