Meet New Washington State Poet Laureate, Kathleen Flenniken

Washington Poet Laureate, Kathleen Flenniken

This Just In:

My dear, dear, friend and fabulous poet,
Kathleen Flenniken has just been selected as the new Washington State Poet Laureate. You can read more about Kathleen and the Poet Laureate positon at Humanities Washington.

Kathleen describes the job as her "dream position" and I believe she is the dream poet to make the experience of hearing a poet for the first time magical for thousands of Washingtonians.

Congratulations, Kathleen!!!


  1. Susan: Thanks for helping us spread the word about Kathleen's new role. We're really excited to help bring the Poet Laureate program back here in Washington!

    Humanities Washington

  2. Glad to hear the program is back. I'll plan to add a profile to my others about the state PLS.

  3. Hi Maureen, Yes, it seems as long as the funding didn't come from the state, the Governor was happy to approve the position be continued. Our funding is from the NEA thanks to the great work (I suspect) of Humanities Washington. Perhaps a model for other states to follow?


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