Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reviewers Wanted for Fire On Her Tongue

The first ever e-book anthology of women's poetry. It's cool and it's historical.
Someday future poets and critics will point to Kelli Russell Agodon and Annette Spaulding-Convy as the first women to create an e-book anthology of women's poetry.  A book without glue or paper - without a trace of a carbon footprint. Instead of pioneers of the prairie they are pioneers of the page. Both are excellent poets and highly respected for their work -- but in this endeavor they've concentrated on other women's work.

There are over 400 pages of poetry by Jane Hirshfield, Nin Andrews, Patricia Fargnoli, Natasha Saje, Aimee Nezhumatatil, January O'Neil, Patricia Smith, Annie Finch, Alicia Ostricher,  and many many others. And because paper price was not a consideration, you can read many poems by the same poet -- not just one or two. 

I just heard tonight from a lovely man in North Carolina who bought his copy and then downloaded a  copy for the bookshop screens where he works. My sense is that this book is going to really gain momentum as readers see that it is possible to read poetry on an e-reader (Fire On Her Tongue is available for ipad, kindle, and nook.) 

And for the sake of full disclosure I should mention that I'm one of the poets represented here as well. If you buy one e-book of poetry this year, it should be this one. 

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