Friday, December 23, 2011

Is it a film? A flock of birds? An animated painting?

My favorite piece in the current exhibit, "Luminous"
Tonight I found a youtube video of this amazing art installation which is part film, part sculpture, part magic. It seems right to post it here tonight in this season where so many people yearn for something luminous. I watched this piece over and over with a kind of wonder I hadn't felt since a child needing to see it just one more time... This video gives a real sense  of the piece. May it bring you a few moments of wonder tonight.

"Suh's installation, titled Gate, was commissioned exclusively for this exhibition and transforms one of the artist's existing fabric pieces into a screen for projection as well as a space of transition.
"Like the moment of enlightenment in Zen Buddhism, passing through a gate takes only a split second, and then it's over," Suh explains. "But so many things happen in such a short period of time. With this work, I wanted to extend that moment of passage, to delay it, if only for an instant, to provide the viewer that moment of insight."
"Our notion of emptiness is quite different in the East," Suh explains. "The void is not empty or bleak but charged with meaning."