Are You Interested in Brazil? In Hip-Hop? In Helping Two Young Women Filmmakers and Dancers?

One last call today for my favorite project of the moment "Believe the Beat" produced by Jocelyn Edelstein whom I had the pleasure to meet through the anthology Best Women's Travel Writing.

Jocelyn graduated from Western Washington University and was honored with a grant to go traveling somewhere in the world to pursue her dreams. Edelstein majored in Dance and so decided to head to Brazil. There she met young and creative hip-hop dancers whom were forming troupes and trying to dance themselves into a better life.

This documentary film showing off the dancers, of Brazil, and even of Croatia where one dancer ends up, needs to be made. Why not make a donation today in the name of hip-hop dancer you know? My donation was my chance to be part of the dance and the film worlds -- and I get invited to the after party when the movie premieres. You know that will be one wild dance party!

PS If you want to donate (you can even donate a $1) you need to do so by Sunday! The time is now.


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