Sunday, November 20, 2011

Turkey anyone? No not the bird!

This is my idea of beauty

I wish I could justify taking Spring Quarter off and visiting Turkey to write in cafes, visit
 the Blue Mosque, and walk through market streets. However, unless I win the lottery or marry a 
millionaire before May, it might not be in the cards for me. At least not this year. My 
friend Sheila Bender is co-leading a writing group to Istanbul and she still has a few 
spots left. The trip is ideal for prose writers and poets alike because Sheila is both a 
published poet and prose writer. Read below and then click on more information
And really, why not go to Turkey this May? You know you want to!

Writing It RealTiny Lights
Writing Istanbul Writers' Conference
May 11-15, 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey with
Sheila Bender, Yeşim Cimcoz and Susan Bono
Optional 3-Day Trip Extension to Ephesus May 16-19
Susan Bono, editor of Tiny Lights, and Sheila Bender, publisher of Writing It Real, are joining Yesim Cimcoz of the Writing Istanbul Project in guiding poets and writers of personal experience in writing and touring the amazing city of Istanbul. We have an optional add-on trip following the workshop for those who want to see more of Turkey. Spouses, friends and partners are welcome to join us in activities surrounding our writing groups work.
For Writing Istanbul, we have a fabulous residence in the old city to stay in, cafes to meet in, tours and in-city transportation arranged as well as help booking your room and airport pick up and drop off.  The three-day add-on trip will be a wonderful customized tour  easy to book.
During our time in Istanbul, we'll be touring, writing, and meeting together, in groups led by our three instructors and aided by Turkish members of the Writing Istanbul project. We'll meet all together, too, for workshops, sharing writing, and learning about personal writing in Turkey.
Some of our special activities include a whirling dervishes performance, a visit to a hamam (a Turkish bath), and a celebration dinner cruise down theBosphorus.
Yesim, Susan and Sheila are very excited and hope you join us! For more information, click here!
Kadikoy Market on the Asian Side
Rug Bazaar

Inside the Blue Mosque

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