Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday to The Phantom Tollbooth - Feifer and Juster

I read The Phantom Tollbooth at least six times when I was a child. I preferred Dictionopolis to Digitopolis, loved Tock and too closely identified with Milo. Years later, when I ran a bookstore in Amherst, Massachusetts, a man walked in bought a book, and handed me a check with the name Norton Juster. Somewhere along the line he'd become a Math professor at Hampshire College. He didn't seem to much care for me or for the fact that I'd loved beyond rhyme and reason his book. And yet, the visit caused me to read the story again. Is this where my love of travel came from? Is this where I learned word play and a passion for imaginative worlds? I'm ready to read it again. Happy Birthday!

Best line in the video here: "It was the 1950's we wanted to overthrow the world." In a way, they did.

Milo and Tock

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