Friday, October 7, 2011

Youth, Failure, and Death: Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

Three stories of his life. College dropout, adopted son, and lost soul. This is a superb talk. Jobs is a storyteller and seeker. He slept on the dorm room floor of a friend, collected coke bottles for money, and ate one good meal a week at the Hari Krishna temple.

And since he didn't have to take required courses (he'd dropped out) he could drop in on a calligraphy course and fall in love with typography. If he hadn't dropped out of college and followed his heart to a calligraphy course, personal computers might not have the beautiful fonts and spacial considerations.

At 21, Jobs started at Apple Computers, at 30, he was fired and starting over. This is a beautiful, beautiful, talk on how to trust in your passions, no matter what. This is an authentic, passionate, and wise talk. Three stories. Youth, failure, and death. And it's very uplifting. Listen.


  1. Mim, I just can't get over the calligraphy course. And he said a key reason he dropped out was he couldn't justify the money his parents were spending on his education.