Meet Harold Taw: Essayist, Novelist, Screen Writer, and Karaoke Singer

I love this podcast series produced by Jack Straw Productions. How cool is that to have your own personal podcast? And if you get your application into Jack Straw by the end of this month -- you could be part of Jack Straw Writers 2012.

I first met Harold Taw at C and P Coffee in West Seattle. Remember that guy who talks on his cell phone while you're trying to write? I hear this guy who is there with his dog -- smack in the middle of the place. There's no way I can't eavesdrop. And a good thing, too. I hear Harold talking with someone about the GAP grant he just won and the novel that he's working on.

Flash forward five years and Harold is now the author of the wild and pleasurable novel Adventures of the Karaoke King from Amazon Encore. He is also a Jack Straw Fellow and my dear friend. Do listen.

A Cultural Journey

In his work, Harold Taw explores voice and perspective. Readers travel through cultural and emotional territory with complex characters, moving through stories with remarkable storytellers.
Taw’s debut novel, Adventures of the Karaoke King (AmazonEncore 2011), is a karaoke grail quest about transplanted people from around the globe who keep falling just short of their dreams. His second novel, Saturday’s Child, follows an adolescent girl’s journey from the Southeast Asian countryside to the city during politically tumultuous times. Harold’s screenplay Dog Park has been recognized in international film festivals and competitions, his personal essay on why he feeds monkeys was broadcast on NPR’s This I Believe, and he is currently collaborating on a musical. Harold is a 2011 fellow in the Jack Straw Writers Program.
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