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Coming to your ipad, kindle, or nook very soon
I'm really happy to announce the first ever eBook Anthology of Contemporary Women's Poetry - Fire on Her Tongue, edited by Kelli Russell Agodon and Annette Spaulding Convey. This is an anthology of over seventy contemporary women poets including Madeline DeFrees, Eloise Klein Healey, Jane Hirshfield, Aimee Nezhukumatathil and Peggy Shumaker. There is a healthy focus on West Coast poets -- a focus I hope 2SylviasPress will continue, if only to even out this country's poetic geography. Word around the net is that Fire on Her Tongue will be released very, very soon ...stay tuned!

And in other net news...
Tracy and Zavion at the Alki Beach Cafe
When I began this blog almost two years ago, I wanted to focus on stories of travel (as well as poetry and the creative life) but living in one place...well, my travel stories have been a bit sporadic. I tried to provide a sense of Ireland this summer as I traveled from Anam Cara to Galway and I will be doing a reading soon at Wide World of Books and Travel for my piece, "Blue Gates" from the Best Women's Travel Writing 2011 -- but there's so much more in the travel world...Wonderlust: Adventures with Tracy and Zavion is a brand new blog - started just this week that focuses on the adventures of Tracy Brigham and her son, Zavion. The dynamic duo begins their tour in Iceland before heading for Scandinavia and eventually making their way to Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and points beyond. Tracy is a dear friend and Zavion might just be the most photogenic (and photographed) four and a half year old on the planet. Tracy adopted Zavion  four years ago in Ethiopia and if all goes well, she and Zavion will return their this winter to pick up his new brother or again is Tracy and Z's link.


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