Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anam Cara - Day Six

Morning rain outside my window

I'm happy to report that my day of work as play did make a difference. I have two new pieces started although I've little idea where they're going. I also found lots of fragments in my notebook and in old files. I've let go of the idea that nothing I'm doing at the moment has a focus and trying to give myself over to the unexpected. The novelists this morning were speaking about outlines and timelines and I knew once again that I don't work that way. 

Instead, I'm deep into rereading Trapeze by poet Deborah Diggs. It is a stellar book - my favorite by any contemporary poet, I think. And so back to reading, thinking, and staring out windows. 


  1. A friend introduced me to Diggs's work. Perhaps you'll write about her?

  2. I can't say enough about reading, thinking, and staring out windows and how necessary these activities are to poem making. Many poets are essentially plot-compromised, anyway... : )

  3. And the windows in my "Seaview" room were the most enticing I've ever stared out of...

  4. Being busy doing nothing
    must leave a lot of
    work not to do,
    indeed one must barely
    have time for lunch.

  5. Hello Susan, I very much wanted to be there with you this week, but unfortunately needed the money for something else! It looks an amazing week and ekprastic work is exactly what I am going to be doing for a large project. Are you returning to do it again or teaching this anywhere soon? What a wonderful place, best wishes, Valerie

    1. Hi Valerie,
      I hope you find your way to Anam Cara; I think it's a magical spot. I do teach in several other venues; I'll be in Oregon teaching this September. And I do hope to do another ekphrastic workshop somewhere else -- perhaps Italy someday soon.