Biscuits with Applesauce and Of Gentle Wolves

Romania is the second largest country in Eastern Europe

I admit to full ignorance when it comes to Romanian poetry. I sense that I am not alone in this poetic deficit --- at least among North American poets. However, I am looking forward to the anthology Of Gentle Wolves: An Anthology of Romanian Poetry edited by Martin Woodside, due out in July (that is one day away, by the way). 

Still in its first year of operations, Calypso Editions is forging a new (old) model in publishing that is worthy of more attention. Here is the press's statement of purpose.

The editors are targeting bookstores such as Open Books, Elliott Bay Book Company, Pegasus Books, and The Seminary Bookstore across the country. I love everything about this model -- the editors are clearly a working cooperative and will publish some of their own projects as well as the work of others. Anna Swir and Leo Tolstoy collections also came out this year. The editors stress that they have not set out to publish only international literature --- merely poetry and fiction with a global focus. 

This is a press to not only to rejoice in, but also to support. Why not be the first on the block with a copy of a Calypso Editions book on your shelf. Call me easily pleased, but I am hoping I'm the first one introducing you to these beautiful poems. Enjoy!

Biscuits with Applesauce

I stay with mara at the window. a beautiful winter’s day
it snows as we eat biscuits with apple sauce
not saying a word.
each with a tiny spoon,
each with the whole winter morning before us.
sometimes we stop eating and
press our noses to the glass 
stay that way without saying a word
breath warms my face slowly
and slowly—slowly mara’s breath
spreads warmth throughout the park. 

Translated by Martin Woodside and Ioana Ieronim


  1. "it snows as we eat biscuits with apple sauce": so lovely a line!

    I've put the anthology on my list.

  2. Thank you for the great review! We at Calypso are very pleased at the excitement Of Gentle Wolves is receiving.

  3. Hi Tony,

    I think this is only the beginning of the applause -- or is it the apple sauce -- for this fine anthology. Looking forward to seeing more of your books.


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